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“O Lord Ganesha, of Curved Trunk, Large Body, and with the Brilliance of a Million Suns, Please Make All my Works Free of Obstacles, Always.”.

Welcome To Bipin Baloni

Bipin Baloni welcomes you to Rishikul Foundation in Rishikesh, India. Rishikul Foundation provides Intense Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha, Pranayama and Yoga Satsanga for both Indians and foreigners.Nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas on the banks of the sacred Ganga River, Rishikesh is a bustling temple destination attracting thousands of pilgrims to its heart every year. The natural surroundings provided within Rishikesh offer an environment in which one can find sanctuary, away from the pressures of daily life. Here we can connect with our inner voice and spirit. It’s a great environment for the unification of body, mind, and soul.

Program Structure

During the course we will provide three classes per day, six days per week. The classes will run from early morning until evening. In the 2-hour morning class we will teach the practice, alignment and adjustment of asanas. We will also cover the basics and preparations of Pranayama. We will review in depth the importance of the breath and how it influences our practice.

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Term And Condition

1. If a student is not able to arrive for the beginning of a course (arrive on time) due to an emergency, he / she must inform Rishikul Admin in advance. He / she may or may not be admitted to training at the discretion of Rishikul Foundation.

2. Rishikul Foundation requires that all students attending our Intensive Courses or workshops have comprehensive travel and medical insurance for the duration of their course.

3. Students’ identification such as a photocopy of passport must be provided before the orientation or opening ceremony, as well as two passport size pictures and Indian visa.

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“The most difficult job in this world is to get to know your own nature and accept it as it is. When you put a seed in your mind and water it with daily devotion to experience yourself, it will sprout. When the sprout is then aided and nurtured through the blessing and guidance of your master, you will come to realize your own nature. Only then you can say that you have learned something in Yoga”.

- Bipin Baloni -

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